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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 1, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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and some city streets look more like creeks than roads. the storm shut down sky harbor airport and damaged the roof of one of the terminals. looks very frightening out there. >> today's forecast, more thunderstorms in the southwest and the central plains. cooler and wet in the northwest. it's going to feel like july from the upper midwest to the northeast. isolated downpours in florida and the carolinas and showers in south texas. >> 90s from salt lake city to kansas city all the way to new york. 80ss in minneapolis it, atlanta and detroit. 70s in portland and boston. 68 in seattle. a labor day travelers all 35 million of them will see falling gas prices. the average price for a gallon of gas now $2.51 a gallon. that's down 13 cents from last week and nearly a dollar cheaper than this time last year, the lowest labor day prices in 11 years. a couple health headlines to tell you about starting with new advice for parents about when to talk to your kids about alcohol.
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in its new guidelines, the american academy of immediate ticks suggest parents should have the booze talk with children as young as 9 years old. the group says children start to think positively about alcohol between 9 and 13 years of age. they believe the earlier you have that talk, the better. good to know. here's another reason to get more sleep. it helps prevent colds. i don't know why we do account sleep things. we're not sleeping. researchers have found that people who average fewer than six hours of sleep at night have a greater chance of catching a cold. the reason they say is getting the right amount of sleep helps keep the immune system at its best and now we know why so many of us have sick calls. don't feel bad if you're working the nightshift or not sleeping at this hour as you're up and you got to call in sick a couple times in the fall. >> it happens. >> like the study. >> remember that, record that. record it, send it to your boss. some animals that used to perform in south american circuses will be heading back to their natural habitats,
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basically heading home. >> more than 30 lions rescued from circuses in peru a columbia will b off to a private sanctuary in south africa to live out their last days in peace. not only are the lions going home, but other animals are also being returned to their normal lives. most of them will be staying in south america. >> wow, i wonder how hard it is to make the transition. so many of them were mistreated in the circus, making it very difficult for human handlers to take care of them. glad to see they'll be in peace somewhere and not doing the circus. >> it is great to see them back in their natural habitat. coming up, see who got a little too close to bears while taking a walk in the woods. also ahead, a big collection of costume jewelry from grandmother. the unexpected find worth thousands. >> first the historic meeting between the pope and everyday americans. the special televised virtual audience and lou it brought some people to tears. it's an abc news exclusive.
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you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by belsomra. we've got trouble in tummy town.
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peptocopter! ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. pope francis is gearing up for his trip to the u.s. later this month and yed, he delivered his first message to america ahead of that visit. >> holding a virtual audience, the pope met with americans across three cities. abc's david muir traveled to the vatican to join the pontiff. >> reporter: we quietly wait outside this door, inside the closed walls of the vatican. we're not far from the pope's residence, a simple building where he lives with other priests. famous for choosing to forego the grand papal apartment. we're told in a moment the doors will open, the pope will emerge.
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instead, the door opens, they wave me inside. the pope asking for a moment to meet before the cameras. then our walk to the room where he knows we're about to connect him with hundreds of americans across the country, a virtual papal audience, a conversation with them. he knows our cameras are in three cities he won't be able to visit, a school in chicago, in los angeles, a church on the u.s.-mexico border. >> we are curious if you have a message before your visit to the united states. >> he tells us a big greeting to the catholic community of the united states and to everyone all of the citizens of the u.s. and when 19-year-old marcus from los angeles asks the can pope why his trip to the u.s. is so important. >> it's a great honor to meet you. >> reporter: he says for me it is very important to meet with you all, the citizens of the u.s. who have your history, your virtues, your joys, your sadness, your problems like everyone else. there were many questions and stories of adversity and survival. valerie 17 from chicago who has
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struggled with a rare skin disorder her whole life saw the music to survive the bullying and after the tears in front of the pope, an unexpected request from pope francis. that request in english. >> tilled like to have you sing. may i ask of you to sing a song for me? >> reporter: we were all unsure if she would sing. >> be courageous. ♪ [ speaking foreign language ] >> thank you very much. very kind of you.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the pope talking to single mothers, to students, even surprise agamerican nun tackling issues, immigration, abortion, education. we have never seen anything quite like it from a pope, but this pope, after all, is already break the mold. pope francis has never used a computer, owned a cell phone but is he on twitter. tweets are approved by the pope himself. he has 22 million followers. his messages retweeted eight times the rate of president obama retweeted. >> do you have a message for america before your visit, a parting message? he said i'm praying for all of you, the people of the united states and i ask you to pray for me. the pope asking americans to pray for him too before his visit to the united states. i hope you'll join us friday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern for the entire conversation with the pope as he reached out to americans across the country before his historic visit.
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david muir, abc news at the vatican. >> and you can see much more of the pope's conversation in an abc news "20/20" special this friday night starting at 10:00 eastern. >> you can see the power of how he touches people and moves them and that little girl who sang, it was so powerful. i can't wait to watch that special. my question was pope, are you praying for america? are you praying for us so i'm glad to know he is. >> he asked we do the same. very charismatic. >> i think the stock market will be okay next month now that we know. >> i'm so glad the little girl did not sing "bad blood." >> coming up, the bear encounter caught on camera. >> what that hiker is saying about the incident and why she says she was frozen in her tracks. you're watching "world news now."
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a wild encounter on a hiking trail left one woman paralyzed by fear as she was surrounded by
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bears. >> she managed to pull out her camera and film the encounter before luckily walking away unscathed. >> i'm walking with a bear right now. >> reporter: an incredible encounter caught on camera. stephanie rib kin was hiking in connecticut friday when she came upon two bears she thought she was a safe distance away but the bears came closer and closer. then this heart stopping moment. >> no, no, don't get crazy. >> reporter: the bears surrounded her. one of them reaching out for her leg with his mouth. >> the teeth scared the hell out of me. i thought he was going to take a whole leg muscle out in one bite. >> reporter: miraculously, something spooked the bear. >> after that i sat in my car and thanked god for let me go out of there alive. >> reporter: connecticut tracks its bear population. those red tags in the bear's ears helped authorities identify the bear as a year and a half old male.
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it's not the only close encounter this summer. in may, tourists surprised by a family of bears in yellowstone national park. >> there's a bear on my car! >> reporter: and in june, this grizzly bear also just outside yellowstone. back in connecticut, authorities immediately closed the trail so that no other hiker experienced the same scary brush with danger. >> so what happened to that little bear? >> those little red tags you saw in the ear, they're able to identify a 1-year-old male and because they said that it was showing its teeth and they construed that as aggressive behavior. that little bear had to be put down because of this. >> no. >> this is the part where she obviously i'm glad nothing happened to her, but she pulled out a camera and stayed there for you know, a bit. i figured if you're -- just get out of there. what are you doing taking pictures? know it's amazing to see these animals but this is what happens sometimes.
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♪ and finally this half hour, something that may motivate you to chick your closet and see what freshes may be hidden. >> becky worley traveled to michigan to help one woman discover the pile of cash sitting right under her nose. >> reporter: grandma's costume jewelry. should you just give it to the kids for dress-up or is there hidden cash in here? that's the question kim glazier of michigan has. >> i'm kim. >> reporter: her mom recently handed her this basket. >> look at this, this is crazy. >> reporter: filled to the brim.
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>> she turns 0 and decided to dean out her house. >> reporter: do you think this is worth anything? >> in terms of cash, no. >> reporter: she turned to the reality show hard-core pawn. >> most of this stuff isn't real. >> reporter: but buried inside -- >> this is a gucci piece. >> >> gucci. >> reporter: and those cs, chanel. >> this looks like it's a real piece after chanel. >> costume jewelry looks gaudy but some of the goddest stuff can be valuable. >> probably the most valuable. >> reporter: how do you know if you have a pot of gold? >> firstles says invest in a $10 jewelers eye loop. >> nothing can tell you real better than your eyes. >> next lack look for hallmarks like production numbers. >> chanel has a specific logo. in the '70s they had a round disk that said chanel made in france. >> reporter: what do you think
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the possible value is here? >> $5,000, $6,000. >> that would be a very good guess. this is one of the nicest collections of chanel products i have ever seen. these would be worth probably $30,000 to $40,000. congratulations. congratulations. >> thank you, mom. >> reporter: becky worley, abc news, droity. >> thank you mom is right. >> i'd be crying, too. $30,000 to $40,000. >> never know what you might find. why i still hoard all my baseball cards and my bling. >> the mr. t look? >> ladies love cool james. that's how you rock it. >> tomorrow you can bring your gold jewelry on set. >> all tangled up somewhere. got to look for it. .
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this morning on "world news now," unprecedented meetings with the pope. >> americans pouring out their hearts to pope francis. the emotional conversation just weeks before he gets rock star welcome in the u.s. it's an abc news exclusive. e-mail controversy. thousands of hillary clinton's private e-mails released overnight by the state department. what they reveal and how donald trump is attacking his democratic rival. no deal. tom brady in last minute talks with the nfl turned into a stalemate. what happened in court and who could be making a big decision as early as today. and later, thanks, grandma. the special delivery that was made possible by mom, dad, their doctors, and the baby's grandmother's womb. the medical saga and the miracle child on this


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